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Join The Fun. Accepting Memberships
Accepting Memberships:
Our Club is composed of men and women who love the game of golf in a fun and relaxing environment. WPGC has been a part of this golf course since its creation in 1967.
All skill levels are welcome!

For a little over $100 a year you get:
NEW MEMBER BONUS: New members for 2018 will receive a Certificate, via email, entitling you to a free round of golf at Redwood Canyon Golf Course. A Certificate will be sent around the beginning of the year. Plus, if you renew now you can play in the remaining 2017 tournaments!

Some benefits we encourage you to take advantage for 2018:
* An official GHIN Handicap.
* A chance to play in our Monthly Tournaments (entry fee required).
* Discounts at the Redwood Canyon Pro Shop on most in stock Items+
* Discounts at the Redwood Canyon Pro Shop on most Special Order Items+
* Discounts at The Meadows Bar and Grill (on Draft Beer and Well Drinks)+
* Discounts on Golf Lessons and Clinics provided by EricJonesGolf.com+
* Membership in the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA.ORG).
* Opportunity to participate in NCGA qualifier events.
* Discounted Green Fees at Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge.
+ = Please make sure to remind the staff of your "Golf Club Member" discount.

Join the fun become a member- Sign Up Today - PDF

Monthly News and Highlights - December 2017

President's Report

Hello Members,

On behalf of our board let me wish each of you a very “Happy Holidays”! May this time sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill, And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have a Merry Christmas.

Course Conditions:
I think the course is looking in a pretty good condition considering what time of year it is.
- The greens show a lot of damage in spots. I hope that will be an area of focus this winter.
- #1 fairway looks great! I am glad they have elected to keep carts off the new sod.
- #4 the first fairway landing area has a lot of wet areas from irrigation leaks.
- #9 a bit concerned about the drainage ditch across the fairway. One good rain and the fairway will be flooded. Also, another wet area from irrigation leaks at the 100 yard marker.
- #11 a wet area from irrigation leaks just to the left of the green
- #14 a wet area from irrigation leaks at the 100 yard marker.

2018 Membership Drive:
Yes, only a few more weeks of 2017! We hope that you all are planning to renew for 2018.

I have worked with Touchstone about some course specific incentives for 2018.
Here is what we have so far:
10% on most items in the Pro Show. The will special order practically anything at competitive prices plus a golf club discount.
Now until the end of the year, anyone who renews will get a free weekday (Monday-Thursday) round. You will get a certificate to your email.

The NCGA has increased the fees charged to the golf clubs for membership in 2018. Your governing board of the club has decided at this time not to pass this increase on to our membership so our membership fees will not be increased for 2018. Renewal rate will be $115, New Membership rate will be $125 and Associate rate will be $65(limited to only 2 tournaments). Sadly, please remember that if your membership is not received or at least post marked by December 26 you will be deactivated from the club membership.

I would like to take a moment to ask for your help in getting our membership back, invite a friend, spouse or associate to join the golf club.

"Come play with a Board Member":
"Come play with a Board Member” on Sunday Morning for 18 holes of golf. This is an open play format for any member who wants to play on Sunday without the need to arrange your own foursome. This is limited to 6 spots on a first come first server bases for our 7am and 7:08am tee times (not available tournament Sundays). FYI, we usually finish around 11'ish so most of the day is still yours.  Depending on response, we might modify the “first come, first server” to give priority to members that have not play in the prior weeks. Please email “info@willowparkgolfclub.org” to reserve your spot. This is a great opportunity to have some fun and to have your voice be hear. If you "Beat a Board Member" think of the bragging rights. ;-)

2018 Membership: 65 Members / Goal 150
We are still looking for more members, so please pass the word. Membership forms are available on the website, above the computer in the Pro Shop and on the Bulletin Board on the wall in the Bar annex. We look forward to seeing you on the course next year. Why not invite a friend too!

2018 Tournament Calendar Import:
I created a file (2018_wpgc_events.ics) [revised 09/27] that you can download & use to import our Tournament Dates into most calendar programs. To import, do an internet search such as "import .ics into....(iphone, Android or Google Calendar)" to find directions for your calendar program. Standard warning...use at your own risk.

Please still make payment to "WPGC/WPMC"
Your Board and our Treasurer have asked me to remind you that while the course has a new name, our club does not. Please continue to make your checks out to "WPMC". The board will be discussing a name change at the next several meetings to address some issues with changing the name. We will keep you informed of the progress and send out official notice if and when the name change occurs.

Steve Falzone, President

Tournament Chair Report

The Gold, White and Blue format is usually a popular one and it proved it once again as our player count for November was back up to normal. It was good to see everyone back on the course. Hopefully the turnout for the December tournament will be the same.

As usual the November tournament featured everyone as a winner. Everyone who played was rewarded with a $25 gift card at Golf Mart. All that was required was that the groups score card be turned in and each player come to the scorer’s table and pick up their award. We had 53 players in the tournament and I’m happy to say that all 53 players received their award.

I know some of you may be disappointed we discontinued the Al’s Market certificates but after evaluating this for the past several years it was determined that it resulted in too many certificates not being redeem in a timely manner if at all. Rather than continue to impact Al’s Market it was decided to try something else that was easy to obtain and useful for everyone.

Our last tournament of the year is fast approaching. We have dealt with weather, course conditions, old carts and more. With Touchstone now officially in operational control of the course hopefully we will start seeing the start of the many improvements they have planned for the course. Hopefully the weather will also be a little more normal and help to keep the course playable throughout the year.

It appears they have fixed most of the irrigation leaks and the course it becoming more playable as each day goes by. While conditions are improving there are still issues with drainage from the rain. This was evident from the recent rains that left parts of the course with large puddles and soggy areas. I trust management has taken notice and have plans to alleviate some of the issues as we approach and enter the rainy season.

Our club tournaments have early starting times and in doing so has an obligation to set the pace of play for the day. Slow play that we have had in the past couple of tournaments not only impacts the tournament but also the regular play behind us as well as resulting in questions and complaints from the course management. PICK UP THE PACE. If the November Tournament had been a regular scoring tournament there would have been several penalty strokes handed out for slow play.

For those who have not yet renewed for 2018 please get your membership forms and fee in the mail soon. The bigger the membership the more prize fund we can allocate to the tournaments. Please remember that if your membership is not received or at least post marked by December 26 you will be deactivated from the club membership.

2018 Membership: Renewal of 2017 members for 2018 - $115
New memberships - $125
Associate Membership (limited to 2 tournaments) - $65

50-50 raffle winner: Not conducted for November

Your TC,
Tony Paniagua

Tournament Entry form Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2600, Castro Valley CA. 94546
Tournament checks should be made payable to: WPMC

Email contact address: GOLF4TCTONY@GMAIL.COM

DO NOT POST your Willow Park Tournament round. I will post all scores from our tournaments. If you post it by mistake please let me know so I can delete the duplicate.

Upcoming Tournament: December 2017
When: December 17, 2017
Deadline: December 6, 2017
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights
Special Events: None

Upcoming Tournament: January Tournament – First tournament of 2018
When: January 28, 2018
Deadline: January 17, 2018
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights
Special Events: None

Are you posting your scores?
You can post scores from the link above....Under Handicap, Post a Score.
NCGA as a smartphone website where you can post scores directly - click here
They also have a NEW Mobile App to post scores - click here.

Tournament Schedule
2017 Tournament Schedule
Revised Dec. 17
Entry Form - Complete, Print, & Mail!
January 22 Regular Net - Cancelled
February 29 Regular Net - Cancelled
March 19 (+)TC Surprise (4 Club) - Cancelled
April 23 Regular Net
May 21 Regular Net-
(+) 1st rnd Skin Qlfr
June 11 (+)TC Surprise
     (6-6-6 2Person Team)
July 16 (+)Directors  (A) & (B)
August 12/13 (+)Club Championship
August 13 Regular Net (Sunday Only)
(+) 2nd rnd Skin Qlfr
September 17 (+)Presidents  (A) & (B)
October 22 (+) Skin Competition
November 19 (+)TC Surprise
     (Gold, White & Blue)
December 17 Regular Net
+ = Additional Event
A = 2017 NCGA Team Qualifier (2 rounds)
B = 2017 NCGA Individual Qualifier (2 rnds)
Click RED text for results.
More Tournament Schedule Info
2018 Tournament Schedule
Revised Sept 26
Entry Form - Complete, Print, & Mail!
January 28 Regular Net
February 25 Regular Net
March 18 (+)TC Surprise (4/5 Club)
April 22 Regular Net
>May 20 Regular Net-
(+) 1st rnd Skin Qlfr
June 10 (+)TC Surprise
     (6-6-6 2Person Team)
July 15 (+)Directors  (A) & (B)
August 11/12 (+)Club Championship
August 12 Regular Net (Sunday Only)
(+) 2nd rnd Skin Qlfr
September 16 (+)Presidents  (A) & (B)
October 21 (+)Skin Competition
November 18 (+)TC Surprise
     (Gold, White & Blue)
December 16 Regular Net
+ = Additional Event
A = 2018 NCGA Team Qualifier (2 rounds)
B = 2018 NCGA Individual Qualifier (2 rnds)
Click RED text for results.
More Tournament Schedule Info
Tournament Tee Times
Grp Time Player Box HCP
December 17
1 7:15 Paniagua, Robin G
Derdevanis, Jim B
Falzone, Steve* B
Keene, Jill G
2 7:23 Paniagua, Tony B
Tuialuuluu, Al W
Lozano, Lou G
Bierman, Rick* B
3 7:31 Davis, Steve B
O'Connell, Greg B
Desanto, Mike B
Desanto, Rob B
4 7:39 Christensen, Mark* B
Sellards, Robert* B
Miller, Tom B
Johnson, Joe B
5 7:47 Narahara, Dean B
Narahara, Matt B
Glisson, Geoff B
Barbieri, John B
6 7:55 Groch, Neal W
Jennings, Pat* B
Goodman, Mike W
Stevens, Dan W
7 8:03 Freais, Dave B
Eltrich, Dennis B
Painter, William W
Damianiakes, Dean W
8 8:11 Deitrick, Brady B
Woodall, Steve W
Pelicas, Armand G
Silva, Lou W
9 8:19 Hassna, John B
Folk, Jim B
Silva, Dave B
Petersen, Neil W
10 8:27 Haslam, Ron W
Attinello, Joe W
Perry, Joe W
Nohr, Neil W
11 8:35 Turner, Daniel B
Hemenez, Mark* B
Pritchard, George B
Pritchard, Nathan B
12 8:43 **OPEN**    
13 8:51      
14 8:59      
15 9:07      
16 9:15      
17 9:23      
18 9:31      
19 9:39      
20 9:47      
21 9:55      
22 10:03      
23 10:11      
24 10:19      
GHIN - Post Score
Tee Times
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Secretary •
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Membership • "Acting" Tony Paniagua
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