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Monthly News and Highlights - September 2016

President's Report

Hello Members,

Happy September to you all. Wow, kids are back in school and Fall is just around the corner. The course is showing some signs of stress but I think it has weathered the hot pretty well.

Still no real news regarding the golf course lease. The EBRPD staff and Touchstone Golf http://www.touchstonegolf.com are still negotiating. As I said last month, I wouldn't be surprised if Touchstone's June signing becomes closer to September.

Some items around the course;
- We lost the tree on the left side of hole 15 green. The course plans on taking out the entire tree and remove the stump. That should be happening this month.
- The cart paths have had some filling, paving and smoothing. What a welcome relief for the carts and our backs as well.
- Some greens are beat up (dried out and damaged), same for some of the fairways (usual suspects, 4 and 6). The course is hand watering to try to correct!
- Over the summer we have lost some tree but the stumps remain. The course is about the take care of grinding them down and removing them.
- The course have begun taking bids on adding a safety net behind 12 Tee Box (stopping wayward ball from 14 tee box).

- (this is my personnal take) A new irrigation system is much needed and will be great for the course. But, I suspect there will be construction pain getting to the much needed ultimate goal, a completed new irrigation system. I imagine that in the process, holes may be closed while work is performed. Fairways will be sliced and diced. BUT again, the ultimate goal, a completed new irrigation system should be well worth it!

Board Elections
We will again be having our board election after our October Tournament. We are looking for members interested in running for the board. It is a two year commitment but duties are light.   Vice President, Treasurer and 2 Directors positions are up for election.

2017 Membership Drive Beginning!
Beginning October 1, our 2017 Membership drive will begin.
More information to follow.

I created a file (2016_wpgc_events.ics) [revised 3/17] that you can use to import our Tournament Dates into most calendar programs. To import it, do an internet search such as "import .ics into....(iphone, android or Google Calendar)" to find directions for your calendar program.
Standard warning...use at your own risk.

Please still make payment to "WPGC/WPMC"
Your Board and our Treasurer have asked me to remind you that while the course has a new name, our club does not. Please continue to make your checks out to "WPMC". The board will be discussing a name change at the next several meetings to address some issues with changing the name. We will keep you informed of the progress and send out official notice if and when the name change occurs.

2016 Membership: 103 Members / Goal 150
We are still looking for more members, so please pass the word. Membership forms are available on the website, above the computer in the Pro Shop and on the Bulletin Board on the wall in the Bar annex.

Steve Falzone, President

Tournament Chair Report
Congratulations, 2016 Club Champion Mark Christensen. Mark listed by the odds makers as one of the favorites to take the title opened Day 1, eagling the first hole making a statement to the others that he would be a force to be reckoned with. His opening round of 68 was good enough for a 7 shot lead over Joe Johnson’s surprising opening round of 75. Unnamed sources indicated that Mark met with his “Strategy People” prior to Day 2 to look at where he was and analyze the potential charge by the competition and come up with a plan for victory. Many of the golf analysts and experts on the course during round 2 were surprised with his apparent conservative play but his strategy worked as he cruised in with a 79 for a total of 147 which turned out to be good for a 5 shot lead and the championship. Robert Sellards who was the odd on favorite to win it all stumbled in the opening round with an 80. He made a push with a second round 72 but was too far back to catch Mark and settled for second place. I know you all will join me in congratulating Mark Christensen our new Club Champion for 2016.

The remainder of the field for Saturday/Sunday competed in a 2 day best ball eclectic tournament. There were some great comebacks on Day 2 that resulted in some low net scores with several golfers leaping over others in their flight moving up the leader board. We also had a Sunday Only group who competed in a 1 round net score competition.

While we had a good pace of play in July, the pace of play in August was nowhere near it in comparison. You are not the only group on the course and we are not playing for millions so please be considerate enough to speed up to catch the group in front of you as well as remember that there are groups behind you as well as groups who have finished who are also waiting on you. Remember that you will be judged on where you are in relationship to the group in front of you when you finish the 18th hole. I am not following you around the course so everyone in the group will be guilty until proven innocent.

The September tournament will be a regular net flight tournament. In addition there will be side events also taking place that will have no impact to the regular net flight competition. We will conduct the 2nd rounds of the 2017 NCGA 2 Man Best Ball Qualifier and the 2017 NCGA Regional Zone Qualifier. Remember that you have to play both rounds for your scores to count. The leaders after the first round are Mark Christensen and Robert Sellards and Joe Johnson and Rick Bierman tied at 62 in the 2 Man Best Ball competition and Craig Pitts, Dave Harding, Rick Bierman and Joe Johnson leading in the Regional Zone competition.

As you may have noticed the Management of the course has staked the course in an effort to help speed up play. This includes areas that were out of bounds or a lost ball that would now be lateral hazards. We are reviewing the stakes and determining what impacts if any there would be if we changed our tournament rules and applied rulings based upon the stakes. We are looking at the stakes only. We are targeting the October Tournament to implement New Tournament Rule Changes. Next time you play the course you may want to take a look at the stakes to see what may be coming in October. We hope to have a final decision on any possible exceptions made by mid-September to give you plenty of time to acclimate yourself with the new rules before the October implementation.

It’s that time of the year again where we must starting thinking about 2017 memberships and club officer elections. I’m sure the President will have plenty to say on the subject in his article.

50-50 raffle winner: Jim Derdevanis

Your TC,
Tony Paniagua

Tournament Entry form Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2600, Castro Valley CA. 94546
Tournament checks should be made payable to: WPMC

Email contact address - GOLF4TCTONY@GMAIL.COM

DO NOT POST your Willow Park Tournament round. I will post all scores from our tournaments. If you post it by mistake please let me know so I can delete the duplicate.

Upcoming Tournament: September 2016
When: September 18, 2016
Deadline: September 7, 2016
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights for all participants
Special Events: 2nd round of 2017 NCGA 2 man Best Ball
                          2nd round of 2017 Regional Zone

Upcoming Tournament: October 2016
When: October 23, 2016
Deadline: October 12, 2016
Entry Fee(Payable to WPMC): $50
Format: Regular Net Flights except those in skins competition
Special Events:

Are you posting your scores?
You can post scores from the link above....Under Handicap, Post a Score.
NCGA as a smartphone website where you can post scores directly - click here
They also have a NEW Mobile App to post scores - click here.

Tournament Schedule
2016 Tournament Schedule
Revised March 14
Entry Form - Complete, Print, & Mail!
January 24 Regular Net- Cancelled
February 21 Regular Net
March 13 Regular Net- Cancelled
April 17 Regular Net-
(+) 1st rnd Skin Qlfr
May 22 (+)TC Surprise (4 Club)
June 26 (+)TC Surprise
     (6-6-6 2Person Team)
July 17 (+)Directors  (A) & (B)
(+) 2nd rnd Skin Qlfr
August 13/14 (+)Club Championship
August 14 Regular Net (Sunday Only)
September 18 (+)Presidents (A) & (B)
October 23 (+)Skin Competition
November 20 (+)TC Surprise
     (Gold, White & Blue)
December 18 Regular Net
+ = Additional Event
A = 2016 NCGA Team Qualifier (2 rounds)
B = 2016 NCGA Individual Qualifier (2 rnds)
Click RED text for results.
More Tournament Schedule Info
Tournament Tee Times
Grp Time Player Box HCP
September 18
1 7:15 Miller, Tom* B 13
Narahara, Dean B 13
Sellards, Robert* B 5
Christensen, Mark* B 7
2 7:23 Paniagua, Tony B 10
Tuialuuluu, Al W 13
Desanto, Mike B 11
Desanto, Rob B 12
3 7:31 Paniagua, Robin G 28
Derdevanis, Jim B 17
Falzone, Steve B 12
Damianakes, Dean W 25
4 7:39 Davis, Steve B 10
O'Connell, Greg B 25
Pritchard, George B 9
Pritchard, Nathan W 20
5 7:47 Lozano, Lou W 29
Williams, Hugh G 33
Thomas, Gary B 16
Woodall, Steve W 23
6 7:55 Watts, Tracy W 18
Pelicas, Armand W 24
Wilcox, Dean W 24
Wilcox, James W 25
7 8:03 Johnson, Joe B 14
Bierman, Rick B 10
Phillips, James W NH
Goodman, Mike W 32
8 8:11 Sevieri, Rene* B 17
Sevieri, Janet* G 38
Love, Pat W 331
Silva, Dave B 16
9 8:19 Freais, Dave B 11
Grywczynski, Chet G 26
Eltrich, Dennis* B 11
Klein, Dennis B 5
10 8:27 Williamson, Dave B 20
Harding, Dave B 12
Hemenez, Mark B 6
Pitts, Craig B 10
11 8:35 Becker, Larry B 16
Stainken, Tim W 36
Montgomery, Kent* B 15
Montgomery, Lori G 36
12 8:43 Coffman, Jeff * W 32
Ahlberg, Jeff * W 20
Vittoria, Paul B 17
Walker, Tom W 23
13 8:51 Attinello, Joe W 27
Perry, Joe W 28
Haslam, Ron W 26
Nohr, Neil W 21
14 8:59 Biglow, Charles B 8
Turner, Daniel B 18
Harrelson, Dwane W 27
15 9:07      
16 9:15      
17 9:23      
18 9:31      
19 9:39      
20 9:47      
21 9:55      
22 10:03      
23 10:11      
24 10:19      
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